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Intra Design, Inc. is a full service design firm that was established in 1987.  We provide programming, planning, interior design, budget analysis, project management, and purchasing for corporate, civic, higher education, healthcare, religious, retail, and hospitality clients.  Intra Design, Inc. has an experienced staff that is committed to client service and designs that reflect each project's appropriateness and uniqueness.
Comprehensive project management, with a variety of professional participants, is an important element in the growth and success of Intra Design, Inc.  Working with a variety of clients and architects, respecting the contributions each person brings to the process of the project has resulted in long-term partnerships.

Intra Design, Inc. brings a passion for design to each of its projects.  Defining the unique qualities that each project contains is a springboard for the design process.  These elements are often defined during the programming phase of the design.   A focused dialog with the client and the professionals involved develops a thorough understanding of the project's needs.   Building on the broad knowledge base from a variety of projects, Intra Design, Inc. develops solutions and designs that reflect the practicality, as well as a design that is unique to each project.  Our broad knowledge base also assists in looking at new ways to solve old problems.  This process results in projects that reflect design individuality, while maintaining budget and time frames.

INTRADESIGN, INC.   6839 Montgomery Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45236 | phone: 513.985.9888  |  fax: 513.985.9879
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